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5 Fitness Hacks to Keep you on Track

Starting and sticking to an exercise regime can be tough. Here's a few hints and tricks to make it a bit easier...


If you wait until you feel like working out, chances are, you'll never start.

Carve out some 'you' time every day and stick to your schedule, but allow yourself some modifications if you're struggling to find your motivation...

Aim for a jog rather than a run, drop the weight down for your shoulder presses, press up on your knees. An easier workout is better than no workout at all and you'll come away feeling much better for having started.

Like they say, the only workout you regret is the one you didn't do


If you missed a workout, chances are you will start to feel guilty about it.

Use this to spur you on rather than make you fall off the wagon. You KNOW you will feel better for doing your workout so stop putting it off and GET TO IT!


Spend some time imagining what it feels like to already be at your goal weight/shape/size.

What are you wearing?

Who are you with?

How do you feel?

How does this differ from how you look and feel today?

Channel the feelings you have when you see yourself hitting your goals. Each workout is getting you closer to that feeling so don't hold yourself back


Great music is always good to help you keep the pace during a workout or a run, but have you considered listening to a podcast or an audiobook during your sessions?

These are great to take your mind off the sometimes monotonous pounding of the pavement or treadmill, and can be educating you whilst you're lifting the weights.

Find the right book or podcast and you'll be reaching for your trainers much sooner, just so you can listen to the next chapter.


If you really can't face the gym, find other ways throughout the day to increase your 'NEAT' (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

  • Wang the hoover round the house

  • Park further away from the entrance at the supermarket

  • Then make sure you walk up and down each aisle, even if you don't need to.

  • Walk up and down the stairs twice before going to the loo/bedroom/ lounge etc.

Any movement is better than none.

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