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Why is it important?

Taking on water is vital whether you are pregnant or not. I don't know about you but when I was pregnant, I had the WORST constipation.

It wasn't until the midwife recommended I drank more water that things got moving again.

Staying hydrated (8-12 glasses of water per day) can also:

  • Help to flush waste products from the cells

  • Aid kidney and liver function

  • Prevent the risk of pre-term labour and possible miscarriage due to dehydration

  • Keep your body temperature regulated

  • Prevent fatigue and tiredness

  • Help skin elasticity and reduce the 'angryness' of stretch marks if you get them

  • Aid breast milk production

You're pregnant, you have a small human kicking you in the bladder and making you pee more anyway, so don't use the increase of loo trips as an excuse not to drink more. Think of the extra steps.

So go and get yourself a glass of water. Go on, go!

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