Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Exercising when pregnant can be scary 

  • What should you do? 

  • What should you avoid? 

  • When should you stop?

  • Can you lift weights?

  • Can you exercise on my back?

Exercising after birth is just as daunting

  • What is safe for you?

  • When can you get back to my usual classes?

  • You've had a c-section, got a prolapse, a tummy separation, low back pain - what can you do?

There are so many factors to consider as your baby and body start to grow, and again as your body heals after birth.

You might feel fine doing your usual HIIT workouts, spin bike classes or marathon training, but this is not the time to be working out with such intensity and doing what you have always done could in fact do you more harm than good.

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