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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

How do I get rid of my 'cankles'?

It's important to know that it's not just an increase in a mum's blood volume adding to the fluid in your body. Your body's waste disposal system (the lymphatic system) and also the amniotic fluid around the baby increase too.

You may suffer with swelling, most commonly in the lower legs (I has spectacular 'cankles' from 7 months and went up a size in shoes)

Regular exercise helps keep this fluid moving and prevent the oedema (water retention) so get up and take a walk around. Flowing and continuous moves will really help.

Try to avoid too much standing and if you have a fit ball, try rocking to get the fluid moving. Add some arm movements to help alleviate rib pain too (win win!)

If you would like any further advice about safe exercise during pregnancy, please get in touch. Email amy@pridestandfitness.co.uk for a FREE consultation to discuss your fitness needs.

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